Saturday, April 12, 2008


Keeping abreast of the whole situation of what is happening in the US, and indeed the rest of the world, it is becoming increasing obvious that at least some Americans are waking up to the deception and corruption that successive American Governments, the Fed, and the Banks, emanating from the Reagan era have been up to with their Financial Follies, which have lead to the whole world standing on the edge of a precipice.
What everyone has seen, heard, investigated in respect of the Financial Folly is only part of the equation. Yes, the US has massive National debts which the World will no longer tolerate, nor will the World tolerate the use of that Debt factor to bully other countries of the World into submission on the basis of “Agree to what we say and do, otherwise we will Crash the Dollar and the Banking System whereby you will lose the whole value of your Dollar reserves”.
But that is not all. What you are being told but certainly known amongst those at the top of the tree, is that these successive US Governments, the Fed, the US Treasury, the Banks, the “Rogue” element of the CIA (that is the self financing part operated illegally and out of the official system), and a few other countries, have been illegally using, plundering and abusing the Assets of the Combined International Collateral Accounts of the Global Debt Facility for decades, for which there is enormous proof, in addition to the abuse of V.K. Durham’s Trust Collateral, as claimed by V.K.D.
Let me enlighten you to some more unknown Debt.
The US Government was caught, and admitted, abuse of assets throughout an earlier period. As a result and commencing in 1999 up to 2003/4, the US Government incurred an interest debt just fractionally under Three Trillion US Dollars ($3,000,000,000,000 – 00 USD) and commenced paying that Debt. The assets themselves were returned to the Combined International Collateral Accounts.
However, this was not recorded on any Government Accounts (That would be very unwise as the people would be able to see it), so it was repaid via a pseudo Government Agency/cies, but again “Off Balance Sheet” as these agencies were also subject to public inspection.
The Agencies involved……. Freddie Mac, Jennie Mae, Fanny Mae. Yes, the Debt (Fractionally under $3 Trillion USD) was paid in the form of Freddie Macs’, Fannie Maes’ etc., but not just ordinary Freddie Macs and Fannie Maes’, these were Freddie Macs and Fannie Maes that were fully backed by Gold, not by Mortgages, committed by the US Government at the time.
Let’s now look at a second issue. Derivatives, specifically Gold Backed Derivatives issued by such banks as J.P. Morgan, Barclays Capital, Meryl Lynch, Citibank, ABN-amro, and sold through off shore subsidiaries in such places as the Caymens, Dutch Antilles, Turks & Caicos.
There is no Gold backing these derivatives, and I will say that again so that everyone understands………THERE IS NO GOLD BACKING THESE DERIVATIVES.
These banks who are Custodians of Gold held under the Combined International Collateral Accounts, illegally used this Gold and claimed it as the Collateral (backing) for these Derivatives. There is no, and was no authority ever granted to use this Gold and as such this Gold is NOT the collateral behind these derivatives. They have no backing behind them, no collateral, they are just worthless bits of paper that the public has be scammed with …….. REPEAT, THESE DERIVATIVES ARE NOT GOLD BACKED. THEY ARE WORTHLESS BITS OF PAPER.
Our estimation of the value behind these illegally issued Gold Derivatives is a minimum $600 trillion US Dollars ………YES $600 TRILLION US DOLLARS, MINIMUM.
A Third issue. Successive US Governments, and the “Rogue” element of the CIA, sometimes conjointly with the Banks, have been systematically stealing gold held under the Combined International Collateral Accounts from various depositories throughout the world. Such places as the Philippines, Thailand, Russia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Switzerland.
However, this stolen Gold, Platinum, Silver, and other assets, have not been secreted into the USA, Fort Knox, or similar. So where has it gone?
Now this will alarm you. If it doesn’t you should really be ashamed of yourselves.
All these stolen assets are being deposited in a new purpose build, “Rogue” CIA owned depository in Montevideo, Uruguay. YES. URUGUAY, the home of many well known, and some not so well known, Nazi’s who, with the help of some Americans, were removed from Germany and relocated in Uruguay, both during and after WW II, never brought to trial for crimes of genocide, Inhumane acts, war crimes, etc. The Bush (Busche) Family closely linked to Nazi elements, own very large ranches both in Uruguay and Paraguay.
Under the various International Treaties, the US Government, the Senate, the Congress, thus the Nation, thus the people of the US, are legally responsible and liable to the World, and to the Combined International Collateral Accounts, for repayment of Losses, interest accrued from illegal use, etc.
You may ask why the US. The US, via the Government, the Treasury, the Fed, the CIA, are the protectors of the assets for and on behalf of the World and the People of the World. They are not the Owners, Holders, Signatories, or anything similar……… THEY ARE THE PROTECTORS ONLY……… who have not only been stealing, plundering, abusing and illegally using these assets, but have failed miserably in their legal duties of Protection of the Assets for and on behalf of the World and its’ People, as defined under various International Treaties, Innsbruck/Schweitzer Conventions, and as such they have to replace / replenish (like for like), under their legal commitment and duties, to the Collateral Accounts.
This factor alone has a current estimated value in excess of $200 trillion US Dollar, plus interest.
All that amounts to a massive Debt incurred on behalf of the USA and its people, by the illegal acts of its successive Governments, the Treasury, the Fed, the “Rogue” element of the CIA, the US Banks, that has to be paid, repaid, replenished, replaced, or otherwise.
The TRUTH about what your successive Governments, Fed, Treasury, “Rogue CIA, and Banks have been doing is gradually coming out and the shock waves will be felt throughout the world.
Now, please America, wake up to reality to what your successive Governments etc have been doing. Don’t just bury your heads in the sand and hope it goes away…….IT WON’T.
It may interest you to note, that I have put people’s lives at risk on this matter. People who have worked covertly, on the inside of Groups throughout the World who, working with and under the instructions of the US Government and the “Rogue” element of the CIA, have been actively stealing, plundering these assets from various depository sites. We know the facts, we know the routes they take, or have taken, and we know other Governments, agencies, banks, counterfeiters, etc that are involved, and it is still happening in certain places.
Irrespective of all of that, it is the People of the World, including the American People, who are the ones that will suffer, are suffering, and will suffer a great deal more in the future.
WAKE UP AMERICA AND ITS PEOPLE………..PLEASE, before the “point of no return” confronts you.